Hi, my name’s Krystal Ritenour. I’m a photographer/videographer and designer from the Pittsburgh, PA area, whose services are specifically tuned for musicians.


My style is simple and clean with a natural and authentic feel.

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A Little Bit About Myself & My Experience


I started off finding my passion for photography and design in 7th grade and introduced to Adobe Photoshop. Throughout my high school years, I learned more and more about the program, mostly through my own experimentation. In 10th grade I joined a Punk/Rock/Emo/WhoKnowsWhatWeWere/Alternative band called “¡Hey, Nostradamus! as the drummer. I didn’t really know much about graphic design at this point, but I began to play with designing logos and flyers for the band. This is when I fell in love with the idea of combining my passion for visual arts with music.


Once I graduated high school, I decided to go to Seton Hill University for a bachelor’s degree in the Graphic Design. After completing only one year, I realized that a four year degree wasn’t really something I wanted to do. I found out that I learn best by having the freedom to experiment and learn my own way, which is something I didn’t feel I had in college, especially with the high cost of the university. I then took the next year off to work and sort through my mind and revise my passions and goals.


After getting my first DSLR camera and experimenting with it, taking lots of pictures of nature and live music concerts, I realized that photography was one of my most prominent passions and developing skills. Photography gives me the amazing opportunity to capture the moments in life the way I see it, and the way I want to present it to the world. Finally, I then went to Westmoreland County Community College and got my Certificate of Photography. I figured a little bit of college, for a little bit of “real certification” might be of use to me down the road somehow. I personally don't believe that a piece of paper saying that you completed "this or that" in school is what defines talent or skill. I believe in giving every passionate artist the chance to prove themselves by showing their work, even if they never own that "special" piece of paper (college degree). I know, I'm a bit of a "rebel" when it comes to traditionalism. I like to be unconventional. I like to be my own person.


So here I am now, a twenty-one year old freelance photographer and graphic designer for musicians locally and afar. Throughout the years, I've taught myself many other adobe programs that I frequently work in eg. Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, Lightroom, etc. I've also recently found a huge passion for videography—filming bands, music videos, live audio sessions, etc. I figure, the more I grow in doing what I love, the better I can help others find what they're looking for—the most “expressive” band photo, the ideal album cover, the most remarkable live concert photo, a moment captured in time that you'll never forget, the design that will always bring you back to the days in the studio, recording your first EP or album. Creating and capturing life as it unfolds, that is my passion.