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f you're looking for a specific photo for a design or something of the sort, ask me what I have. I have a lot of "stock" photos that you can use for designs (fliers, album covers, etc) or I can go out and capture the photos you're looking for(within reason).

How It Works


1. To schedule a photo shoot, go to my contact page and shoot me a message explaining the services you're looking for.


2. Once we schedule and discuss the shoot, we'll meet up at your desired or most ideal location. The shoot could take as long as 4 hours, or as little as 30 minutes, but I can guarantee you'll, you've never leave with less than 50-200+ photos from the shoot to choose from. I love giving clients a large selection to choose from.


3. After the shoot, I will send you a digital file of all of your photos, edited and color corrected, if needed, and ready to use immediately. I typically use Dropbox or Google drive to send photos, but if you have another way you'd like to receive them, we can work something out. Or if you don't have access to a computer or Internet, I can mail you a flash-drive loaded with the photos, for a small additional fee. I typically like to get photos back to clients within 72 hours or less, so you shouldn't have too long of a wait to view and use them all!


4. I do not print photos, but if you need help finding quality printers locally or online, I can help direct you to the right place.


5. Payment: I typically send my clients a Paypal link, where they can pay me through their Paypal account, before I send them their final photos from the shoot, but If you do not have a Paypal account or if you wish to use another method, I can take cash or checks as well.